Mentor for Hire is a group of highly experienced Consultants who have a driving desire to assist People and Organisations to reach their true potential.

We do this in a number of ways –

  1. By providing Business Mentoring and Coaching services they focus on outcomes that you desire for your business – and adding profit to your bottom line
  2. By providing a supportive and effective environment for our clients (Facebook group)
  3. By the review and development of effective training resources and programmes, for both corporate and accredited training, which not only build knowledge and skills but also achieve real performance change in the workplace.

We can do this because our consultants have hundreds of years of management and industry experience behind us, that we can share with your team, to improve both individual and business performance…adding to your bottom line.

Our “Disruptor Training System” breaks the traditional paradigms of training, to produce training that is engaging, outcome focused, cost-effective, and improves ROI.

We work with all types of businesses – Large and SME, white collar and trades, retail and services – let us help you Rocket Your Profits!


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