I’m seeing RED!!! and this is why!

Today I received a promotional email for a franchised business coaching operation, and I am seeing red! I am passionate about helping my clients, and I insist on any member of my team having at least 10 years’ experience in owning and operating their own business. How can someone mentor and coach others if they haven’t walked miles in their shoes?

Here are some of the statements that got me cross. The title of the email was, “What experience do you need to own a Business Coaching Franchise?” And here is what they said, “The thing is, in order to become a business coaching franchise owner, you don’t need experience in running a business” and “The only experience you really need is either a background in sales, marketing, finance or management – the rest can easily be learnt.”

Well, I don’t agree at all…there are lots of people out there who may have held corporate position, where they are not accountable for profits, or talking to the bank manager, or letting go team members, and have had huge bank balances to play with, but have never sweated over where the next invoice will get paid, or how to meet the payroll, or had the security of their home threatened if the business fails.

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