“Thumb sucking” cost $444M (US)

The “Sage of Omaha” increases the value of Berkshire Hathaway by over $18bn in 2014, but admits a little mistake…even the masters can make a mistake…but we can learn so much from studying the success and mistakes of others.

Cultures and societies throughout the ages have used coaches and mentors to improve performance and ensure outcomes. The use of “story”, based on the mentor’s experiences and demonstrated behaviours, encourages achievement of high performance, and the opportunity to receive feedback from a respected person with a track record to match.

The Mentor for Hire team, have highly qualified and experienced mentors available to work with your team, to encourage improved performance, innovative strategies, and team work, designed to add to your “Bottom Line”.

If you would like to read more about how Warren Buffett’s thumb sucking cost him $444M, then please click “read more” below, but don’t you get caught sucking your thumb…call us now to receive a FREE consultation about how Mentor for Hire can help you 1300 302 311

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