We need your help to make a difference!

We are working to save 500 retail businesses by the end of 2017!

The facts are frightening – 9 out of 10 small business fail over a ten year period.

Look through your local shopping centres – there are “for Lease” signs popping up everywhere – it’s a tough gig being a retailer.

Why? There are many reasons – some we can help with, others we can’t.

The area that we can help with are equipping the retailer and their team with the right knowledge, skills and abilities to make their business thrive – not just survive.

Skills like merchandising, selling, leadership, local area marketing, supplier relations, recruitment, security and safety…..

Often people go into a retail business because they have a passion for the category, maybe they want to “buy themselves a job” or provide security for their family – I felt this way when I set up my first retail business.

But what most people don’t realise is that retailing is a profession – just like being a doctor, or a nurse, or a builder or a computer programmer.

Enthusiasm and product knowledge is not enough. You need RETAIL SKILLS.

Our Retail Mentor Group is an ideal, entry-level skills programme that is designed to help retailers add profit to their bottom line.

If you know someone that will benefit from this programme, then please send them this link – Start today for FREE – with only a small monthly commitment after that – less than $10!

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David McLean – The Retail Mentor

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